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About company

Company «MARGO» — a textile company that has been manufacturing and selling textiles since 2007.

During this time we have gained a lot of experience in the manufacture of high-quality knitted products and their wholesale and retail sale throughout Russia.

Main purpose of our company

 — to give to our buyers feeling of comfort, a cosiness, fashion and beauty when wearing our clothes, at the same time to offer the favorable and affordable prices for each our buyer.

Many of our clients appreciated the high quality of our products, the professionalism of our employees and the joy of their clients from buying knitwear from "Margo." For us, it 's an indicator that we 're on the right track.

Our products are in demand in all regions of Russia, because we strive to keep up with the times and take into account the following features of the Russian textile market:

We analyze fashion trends in clothing, combining them with customers "desires and needs

Only certified Turkish fabrics and high-quality furniture are used to make our clothing.

Exclusive and modern gaskets are used to create and manufacture our collections.

Our production has shops equipped with modern sewing and cutting equipment, which allows us to produce high-quality products in large volumes in a short time.

We produce high quality products in large volumes in a short time.

We take into account all peculiarities of dimensional typology for Russian buyers

We offer profitable and affordable prices, convenient payment terms, short delivery terms

Transport companies we work with